Relaxing, pleasurable and surprised are three words most used by clients to describe their first experience of hypnosis.
More importantly, these clients discover hypnosis to be a very effective tool in harnessing their mind for constructive purposes and are often amazed at how powerful this deep focused awareness can be. Hypnotherapy has been very successful in assisting individuals attain positive changes in many areas of their life.
Please see below a list of the most common and traditional issues that hypnosis is used for, but of course there are innumerable ways this powerful, time-honoured and safe technique can be applied.

Hypnotherapy Can be Used For:

  • Health Enhancement
  • Phobias
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Sleep
  • Weight Loss
  • Pain Control
  • Illness Recovery
  • Reduce Stress/Promote Relaxation
  • Inner Child Dialogue & Healing
  • Pre/Post Surgical Healing
  • Sports Optimization
  • Improve Athletic Performance through Skills Execution
  • Visualized Practice
  • Increase Stamina and Endurance
  • Relaxation Before and During Competition
  • Childbirth
  • Reinforce and Enhance Birth Plan
  • Support both Bradley and Lamaze Methods
  • Promote Positive Birth through Pain Reduction
  • Career and Profession
  • Public Speaking
  • Stimulate and Enhance Creativity
  • Enhance Sales Skills
  • Clarify Career Goals
  • Optimize Effective Negotiation Skills
  • Improve Learning and Memory
  • Personal Growth
  • Overcome Personal Blocks
  • Increase Self-Esteem
  • Overcome Compulsions
  • Creative Visualization to Achieve Personal Goals
  • Age Regression
  • Help Overcome Loss and Separation
  • Deal Effectively with Anxiety and Panic

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