Individual family counseling costs


$100.00 for a 1 hour session


$100.00 for a 1 hour session

 General counseling:

$100.00 for a 1 hour session

All divorce-related counseling:

$150.00 1 hour session

Cash, checks as well as all major credit cards are accepted.

Please note that while we do not bill insurance companies directly Bruce can provide a monthly statement, if requested, reflecting all charges which can then be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.
While many insurance companies will reimburse for therapy based upon a licensed professional’s receipt, unfortunately there is no guarantee that your insurance company will do this, therefore please contact your insurance company to ask what their policy is for “out-of-network” providers.

Late Cancellations or Missed Appointments

Our policy for dealing with scheduled appointments which the client either fails to attend without notice or cancels without at least a 24-hour notification is to charge the client a minimum of one hour fee, to be paid before the next scheduled appointment. When a session scheduled with a minor (under the age of 18 years) is missed or canceled without 24 hours notice, the parents are responsible for payment of this fee.