Bruce L. Ross, LMFT

Bruce L. Ross, Family Counselor LMFT

For over 27 years Bruce L Ross has been offering the highest professional standards of practice of Therapy and Counseling solutions for his clients in the United States.
With the advent of the internet his counseling sessions are now available all over the world.
With a kind and insightful approach Bruce offers his broad experience to help solve personal and interpersonal problems.
Extensive collaborative relationships with clients has reinforced his belief that most of life’s problems and challenges can be successfully resolved and his aim is to focus on your specific goals and outcomes.

His extensive experience includes, but is not only limited to:

Couples Therapy
Divorce Therapy

Online Therapy
Family Therapy
Drug Free Asthma and Allergy Therapy

Please see further information about these therapies on the Santa Cruz Family Counseling Service page.

Finding the right therapist is not an easy task and is key to ensure that the therapy and counseling relationship is effective. To help build a positive and effective relationship you are invited to reach out and call Bruce via the contact details below or submit your enquiry on the contact page.

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